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At FMA we believe building should be an enjoyable journey. If you were travelling to another country for the first time, you would take your time to research, plan your trip and make sure you had enough money to get all the way home. You would engage with professional people to make sure you get to your destination - ever flown in a plane without a pilot? We believe building is the same and have developed a process to help our clients get home safely. Please contact us if you would like a copy Here are the first building blocks we believe are essential. In order to design anything we need A clear brief; based on your needs, research and what you like | compatibility we pair people together that can work together, human beings are not all cut from the same cloth. You wouldn’t travel round the world with someone your don’t like - would you? | honesty and disclosure; tell us about your budget and our builders always disclose all their pricing. We create a team all working for the same outcome - your home - this needs to be built on a solid foundation which starts with trust.



“We approached FMA in 2017 with a good idea of what we wanted to achieve with our hillside new build. Right at the start, Fiona constructively challenged us on some of our key requirements and proceeded to develop a concept for our home that was better than we could have imagined for our sloping site.
She used principles of sunlight and shading, combined with cross-ventilation and increased insulation, to design a house that addresses the challenges of our west facing site while still maximising the view.
The design process with FMA was fun and interactive. As the concept was developed, Fiona would put forward suggestions for improvements and finishes so we could smoothly progress the design towards consent documentation.
Our build is currently under construction, and we’re looking forward to moving into what will be our family home for many years to come.”

— Bruce Galloway —


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