what we do



At FMA we design houses of all sizes.  We have a diverse range of clients but our passion is designing compact energy efficient houses meeting needs with smart design to reduce our footprint on this earth.  Read our Ethos section to learn more about our values.  Click on the image to see some examples of our work.


We enjoy altering houses, providing solutions to improve energy efficiency, allow people live and work in the sun and provide clever space planning for all lifestyles.   We strive to work within the existing footprint.    Click on the image to see some examples of our work

black hut designs

We have designed a range of houses with a focus on small, energy efficient, non toxic, simple architecture.  Click on the image to go to the Black Hut website. 



The Parklands House is first and foremost an earthquake reinstatement. Our home was badly damaged  in the 2010/2011 Canterbury Earthquakes. I wanted to demonstrate a more energy efficient solution could be built with an insurance settlement. We have spent only the money we received and have constructed a very efficient, beautiful, fun family home.  Registered with the Living Building Challenge to achieve Net Zero Energy we have set up a website to share our journey and hopefully encourage you to choose the Living Building Challenge too.