Initial consultation

After the first contact we carry out an initial consultation. The purpose of this initial consultation is to talk to the you to understand your needs. We make suggestions regarding the viability of projects and can offer suggestions and alternative options for people who are undecided or need more information. If a project is viable we will prepare a fee letter outlining our services and costs. The fee letter would reflect the following process

Phase 0: feasibility study

Feasibility studies are not always required but are often a good idea. They can be particularly valuable with alteration work where the cost may outweigh any benefits. They are also beneficial prior to a section being purchased.

During this phase the following work takes place:

  • Site visit, reviewing covenants and town planning requirements

  • Floor plan elevation and 3D development

  • 3D views are produced to ensure client understanding and to allow client comments

  • Preliminary external materials and cladding are selected

phase 1:
concept design

During this phase the following work takes place:

  • Finalising materials
  • Floor plan elevation and 3D development
  • Producing planning layouts for bathrooms, kitchen and laundry
  • Drawing accurate site plan, floor plans, elevations and basic cross sections for PIM and resource consent applications.

Phase 2:
resource consent/
developed design

Complete construction drawings and documentation for building consent submission and pricing. Liaise with required consultants. We can also complete all structural drafting under the supervision of the engineer.

phase 3:
working drawings and consent drawings

Lodge consent with the relevant council. Answer and amend drawings as required by council to address building consent queries

phase 4:

During construction we are often asked to revise drawings for council consent amendments, as the Building Act 2004 requires drawings match what is being built. We are available to carry out this work, including support with paperwork and offering advice as required.

phase 5:
building consent amendments

It is advantageous to have the designer available throughout the construction process to resolve any issues that arise on site. The designer can also assist with quality control and ensure the design is built as per the client’s wishes. We are available to provide additional detail as required. We can work with the council to ensure consent amendments are carried out seamlessly, so there are no delays with code compliance when the project is completed. We are not qualified to carry out inspections or observations for building consent compliance, however we are able to liaise with the appropriate consultants. Our aim is to help you settle into your new or improved home as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

phase 6:
contact administration